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Wouldn't it be great if there were a technique for getting your children to cooperate the first time you ask and make it harder for them to ignore you or argue back? How wonderful would it be if there was a technique for getting your children to cooperate the first time you ask and making it harder for them to ignore you or argue back?

You maximize your child's cooperation through a think-through by ensuring that the expectation or rule is well-rooted in his long-term memory. It is not a reminder. Do you find it difficult to remind your children what they should do and how they should do it? We hope that they will take us seriously when we tell them what we expect them to do. But most kids tend not to take our instructions seriously - they just hear it as a lecture.

 Parenting ADHD & Discipline - Focus & Directions A Parent's Secret Weapon for Better Listening without Nagging How can we make it easy for our kids to remember the rules the first time we ask? We have an easy tool to use that will help them remember. Rather than telling your child what to do, ask several leading questions about the behavior you want to see more of. 

Your child already knows the rule, so do not repeat it. Phrase your questions in such a way that they cannot be answered yes or no. You ask your child to tell you what to do in detail. The more detailed your child's answer, the more likely that he will retain it, so ask some follow-up questions. Asking versus telling will only be necessary if your child's answer is incomplete.

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