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Importance of Hand Writing

Today's kids depend on electronic devices like tablets or laptops to do their homework. Studies show that writing in cursive activates different parts of the brain than printing letters, and can improve a child's fine motor skills. Studies also suggest that writing in cursive helps children retain more information. All products handmade from natual non-toxic materials with love and care.

CERTIFIED NON TOXIC: Lab tested by USA approved CSPC laboratory. BPA FREE 

MOTOR DEVELOPMENT: Wooden alphabet tracing boards are excellent choice for fine motor development. 

HAND CRAFTED: Hand made with love and care. Makes a great birthday gift. 

NATURAL SOLID WOOD: Delicately made with High Quality Natural Solid Wood.

SENSORY TOUCH: Practice letters with sensory touch and tracing. 

WRITING SKILLS: Great learning material for Montessori, homeschool, Waldorf, STEM, Pre-K, pre writing skills. 

TACTILE: Tracing path enables to follow with fingers or provided wooden stylus. Alternatively fill in with colorful beads or different grains.

FUN: Hands on experience of this board makes it fun as a game. 

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